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Balls - Please Specify

Balls - Please Specify

By: eronevanrensburg on 23 July 2014 @ 01:45. Category: Balls in the Bedroom

If you mention the word “balls” in front of a guy, there is basically one thing going through his mind … And trust me, it’s not soccer balls. A girls’ brain on the other hand opens a whole drawer of files when she hears the same word - Each with a label. It can vary from tennis balls to balls that a clown can juggle. And each of these files will be connected to a whole list of stuff and sometimes emotions that guys – most of the time – won’t be interested in.

So for the men who are still reading … Of course somewhere in a girls’ head there will also be a file which will be referring to the thought that goes through a guy’s head when he hears the mentioned word. So, what type of balls cause a girl’s thoughts to jump straight to THE FILE? I think the following might be helpful to stimulate that thought:

Balls of Fire
If you catch my drift! Call it attraction, energy, special connection, passion. Call it what you want. But this ball is definitely a REQUIREMENT … maybe not always lasting, but for sure one of the main stakeholders in the game.

Balls of Emotion (aka Cuddle aka Special Connection aka Soul Mate aka …)
I guess this ball would be pretty much a requirement for most girls. Probably not all of the time but I think some of our core ingredients are emotion and some more emotion. Most of us run on this and never runs out of this … and emotion definitely has a place. Guys, I’m sure you agree?

Balls of Conversation
Maybe not in the middle of the game, but this can definitely be a great source of foreplay. Or after play. Don’t you think?

Balls of Difference
There are plenty of stories about “Mars and Venus” or “When Stars Collide” … or plain “Make Up Sex”. There will always be differences … you can just as well make the best of it and make this work for you.

That’s all that I can think of now … I’m sure there are a few more … any suggestions?

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