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From tomboy to tremendous

From tomboy to tremendous

By: lizmoore on 22 July 2014 @ 03:01. Category: Grooming

So I finally took the plunge! I ventured into the world of metrosexuality and went to have my hair done at Metroman - not because I had to - but rather for a little self-indulgence to make myself look good for my man and a dinner party we were attending that night.

As I entered the shop, two beautiful smiling faces greeted me - those of Leandi Botes - a young, dynamic, trendy hairstylist and Tash… who shall be named "magic hands" from hence forth!

I was ushered to the washbasins where Leandi began her analysis of my hair. A few simple questions determined that my hair was dry and needed volume. She directed Beatrice to wash my hair with a fancy Redken shampoo and within a few minutes I was being lulled off into a dreamy state with the most relaxing head massage. And as if things couldn't get any better, Tash offered a hand massage (which I couldn't refuse) and shot the levels of pleasure to ridiculously awkward heights… so much so that it was quite challenging to compose my hedonistic self, but I'm not one to pull the handbrake on endorphins rushing through my body… so I sat back and allowed myself to sink into the moment of pure joy!

Needless to say Leandi battled to peel my smiling body out of the washbasin chair so she did the unspeakable: she dangled a DSTV remote and a playstation controller over the hairdressing chair... And obey I did, salivating at the idea of what lay ahead. Oh wow. Heaven move over. Metroman is here.

With free premium coffee on tap and an array of beverages to choose from to quench my thirst, I sat back with a beer in one hand and the DSTV remote in the other. I flicked through the sports channels and not finding anything that grabbed me by the kahunas, I decided to have a go at Angry Birds on the Xbox while Leandi showed off her incredible talent of transforming a little froggie into a princess! Yes, people... You read right... Each hairdressing chair at Metroman has it's own dedicated DSTV and Xbox set, so you are free to watch whatever the hell you want while the Metroman team busies themselves with your transformation.

Much to my dismay, it was over all too soon but I can honestly say that I am hooked. I walked out of Metroman feeling and looking like a million dollars and my man could not take his eyes off me during the entire 4-hour dinner that we indulged in that night.

If you're looking for a salon that offers a premium range of services with a completely unique experience - you have GOT to visit Metroman. Yes, I might be the dedicated blogger and you might argue that I am biased, but as a tomboy who hates physical maintenance, I felt so at home and happy that it would be a sin if you didn't take me up on my offer to visit Metroman for your next haircut, massage or facial. It's something you just have to experience.

Thank you to the team at Metroman for an unforgettable experience. Much to hubby's relief, I'll be back!

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